Two new rhizobial species in the genus Burkholderia

In two recent papers, Sheu S.Y. and colleagues describe two new species in the genus Burkholderia isolated from N2-fixing root nodules of Mimosa spp. The novel species are: Burkholderia diazotrophica sp. nov., [type strain, JPY461T (=LMG 26031T=BCRC 80259T=KCTC 23308T)] and Burkholderia symbiotica sp. nov. [type strain JPY345T (=LMG 26032T=BCRC 80258T=KCTC 23309T)]. Both species were recovered in the large screen of Mimosa spp. microsymbionts performed by Bontemps et al. (2010) in Central Brazil. The former species was later also found in French Guaiana and Taiwan. 16S rRNA and recA sequences were analyzed in these studies, revealing several haplotypes for each locus, which clustered in distinct monophyletic clades. No sym-gene sequences were reported. The phylogenetic evidence of the new taxa is further supported by the unique combination of chemotaxonomic and biochemical characteristics of the novel strains. Burkholderia classification: Class -> Betaproteobacteria; Order -> Burkholderiales; Family -> Burkholderiaceae.